Dr. Anjali Dsouza

Dr. Anjali Dsouza


My Approach

I am a board-certified physician specializing in Integrative Medicine, Palliative Care, and Psychiatry. My approach to healing prioritizes the whole person, rather than a specific system or organ, always honoring the importance of the relationship between you and me. I utilize evidence-based research to guide our clinical decisions, and draw on therapeutic interventions to maximize your overall well-being. In addition to my conventional medical training, I have spent the last ten years studying Integrative and Functional Medicine.  I am passionate about helping people live in their most vital state.  [ Click here for an explanation of Integrative and Functional Medicine ]

I am committed to joining you on your healing journey.  Part of my role is to uncover the “root causes” of your illness, going beyond the symptoms.  I therefore offer advanced diagnostic testing to inform your journey .  For interested participants, I can also integrate mindfulness meditation and yoga practices into my treatment plan based on my extensive experience and study.  My practice is not about quick fixes.  While I am dedicated to decreasing suffering, I am most interested in liberating you from chronic illness.  That is why we describe this path as a journey.  But because it is a constant journey, I hope to help you understand how to settle into your most dynamic state of health and create a way of living that keeps you there.


 - George Washington University Hospital
    Fellowship in Palliative Medicine
    Fellowship in Health Policy
    Psychiatry Residency Training; Chief Resident
 - Baylor College of Medicine: Degree in Medicine
 - University of Texas at Austin: BS in Nutrition, Minor in Dance


 - Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at George Washington University
 - Board Certified by American Board of Physician Specialties, Integrative Medicine
 - Board Certified by American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine
 - Board Certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
 - Board Eligible in Hospice and Palliative Medicine
 - Functional Medicine Training :
    Institute for Functional Medicine
    Kresser Institute
 - Harvard Medical School: Training in Meditation and Psychotherapy
 - Bastyr University: Study of Naturopathic medicine and acupuncture
 - Master level training in Reiki
 - Completed training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
 - Fellowship in Health Policy

Clinical Experience

 - Private Practice: Provide lifestyle optimization and medical management in a holistic manner
 - VAMC: Consultant in Palliative Medicine
 - NIH: Consultant in Palliative Medicine
 - McClendon Center Core Service Agency: Mental Health services to those with chronic mental illness
 - George Washington University Hospital: Consultant to medically ill
 - Center for Multi-cultural Human services: Rehabilitation of refugee and Asylum patients
 - Washington Home: Hospice Medical Services
 - Andromeda Mental Health clinic: Mental health services to underserved low-income minorities
 - Cross Cultural Solutions: HIV Education and Infant immunizations in outlying villages in Africa

Publications and Featured Work

 - Griffith, James and Dsouza, Anjali (2008, in press). Demoralization and hope: Their role in clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy. In Alarcon R.D. & Frank J.B., (Eds). To Persuade and To Heal: A Tribute to Jerome D. Frank. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press. Publication.
 - Dsouza, Anjali and Peele, Roger. Defining Mental Illness. Washington Psychiatric Society Newsletter. May 2008. Editorial.
 - “Understanding Ethnic and Racial Biases in Psychiatric Diagnosis”, GWU Hospital, Grand Rounds Presentation.
 - “Incorporating Mindfulness into Psychotherapy”. Washington School of Psychiatry. Multi-Disciplinary Seminar.
 - “Utilizing the Recovery Model in Mental Health”, Presentation at American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.
 - “Buddhism and Psychiatry” and “Insight and Awakening: Mindfulness and Psychotherapy,” Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Washington School of Psychiatry.
 - “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Breast Cancer Outpatients” Research.