DCIM Welcomes Dr. Shephali Ranpuria

The District Center for Integrative Medicine, a Washington D.C. Integrative and Functional Medicine practice, is proud to welcome Dr. Shephali Ranpuria . Dr. Ranpuria is board certified in Family Medicine and has been treating chronic medical illness since 2006. She is also certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. Rather than focusing on symptoms, Dr. Ranpuria implements functional medicine to deal with the root cause of patient illness. She said "I joined DCIM because of its commitment to giving the relationship between patient and physician the highest priority, and its core belief in a collaborative effort that strives to create a space that allows you to share your concerns and goals." 

About District Center for Integrative Medicine 

The District Center for Integrative Medicine (DCIM), founded and directed by Dr. Anjali Dsouza, heals patients through a deeply individualized and holistic approach to health.  We treat individuals with chronic complaints and conditions that persist despite the conventional managed-care model, as well as those looking to achieve the highest level of wellness.  By prioritizing the patient-physician relationship, we take the time and resources to understand every aspect of your medical history, as well as nutritional and environmental factors that affect your well-being.  Our role is to acknowledge your body’s innate capacity to heal, and to cultivate it.

DCIM believes in the body’s innate healing ability. The doctors acknowledge and cultivate that innate capacity during the healing journey, drawing from Integrative and Functional Medicine. DCIM is a healing space, and has been purposefully built around a physical and virtual alliance of health professionals that all support a holistic model of care. 

 To learn more about DCIM please visit our website at https://www.dcimedicine.com, call (202) 251-7541, or email us at newinquiries@dcimedicine.com

What is Integrative and Functional Medicine?

Integrative Medicine uses a combination of “Western” medicine and various complementary  healing modalities (including, for example, acupuncture, botanical medicine and meditation) to treat a patient and support her healing.  Integrative medicine doctors also incorporate the importance of nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle support. Functional Medicine embraces these practices, but it also uses a systems-oriented approach to understand the underlying cause (the “root cause”) of a disease. 

Integrative and Functional Medicine approach the practice of medicine holistically. Practitioners of these disciplines treat the whole person rather than a specific disease. Because of their holistic approach, these disciplines prioritize the physician-patient relationship. The District Center for Integrative Medicine (DCIM), founded by Dr. Dsouza in 2016 after 8 years of running her own practice, partners with other complementary providers (acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, psychological care), some of which are co-located with the Center.